Whether Rubella Vaccination Is Necessary To Adults

The answer to this question entirely depends on the person and the desire to secure future kid against dangerous disease.

Future mothers have to understand that in the course of pregnancy their organism physiologically reduces the immunity, therefore, susceptibility to diseases and open access to various sorts of infections is provided to them. Nobody can guarantee that in case of rubella infection the child won’t get any pathology. Therefore not to be afraid to catch during childbearing period it is better to make vaccination beforehand, and to live further without worrying.

It is also recommended to the women, who had rubella, to be vaccinated before pregnancy; it should be made because real immunity after the illness can be created not in everyone, and therefore repeated infection is not a rarity. Because in the woman during pregnancy immunity decreases because the organism fights against “foreign” cells of the fetus, the probability to catch rubella increases many times.

Men, to whom the health of their wives and future children is really important, also have to pass vaccination to receive resistant immunity to the virus and not to become a source of the infectious disease for their natives. We think that the reasons stated above convinced women and men, who reached childbearing age, in need of carrying out vaccination against viral rubella.