Rubella Vaccination Consequences

Temperature increase after rubella vaccination is quite often, it is recommended to send it down. Generally it concerns little children as the increased temperature can cause spasms in them.  Increased body temperature condition can keep some days. It usually appears during the period from the fifth to the fifteenth day after vaccination. If temperature manifested in other time, it is an indicator of absolutely other disease process which is not connected with vaccination. In this case it is necessary to apply to the doctor immediately.

Rashes after vaccination can be also manifested during the specified time period, but don’t be afraid of it.  It is not a pathology or fully developed rubella. Most often rash is very small, reddish, manifested by small spots. Its emergence is a symptom of blood platelets quantity decrease in vaccinated organism. Rashes can develop both on all body and on small sites, most often on the neck, behind ears, hands and buttocks. This phenomenon is considered to be normal, rash passes itself in three-seven days, any treatment is not required.

Very often after vaccination girls and women have arthritis. In this case the inflammation of joints can quickly pass or can remain for quite long period, joints of the top extremities are most of all subjected to arthritis. And it is noticed: the older the woman, the more is risk of manifestation of arthritis; and men almost never are subjected to such manifestations.