Vaccination Benefit

It is known that rubella is generally a childhood disease. It can be manifested just in spring and in summer because immunity in children periodically weakens and it is connected with change of seasons. Nowadays all children without exception are vaccinated therefore epidemic manifestations of rubella are not possible, nevertheless there are disease outbreaks which occur first of all because of parents’ refuse to carry out vaccination schedule. It is promoted much by various pseudo articles and TV programs in which it is told about harm of vaccination for children, but at that is not mentioned that before there was no general vaccination terrible epidemics stormed on the planet.

In order the vaccination carry out its mission it is necessary to follow certain rules:

• Vaccine should be of high quality not be expired;

• It is necessary to do vaccination just according to the established vaccination schedule;

• During vaccination the child should be absolutely healthy.

These measures allow to protect the child from direct virus attack and also to reduce cases of developing of \rubella virus among people.

Vaccination is a rescue for all vulnerable people and the most important protection for all women of childbearing age for whom the rubella is very dangerous. The first vaccination to the child is done at one year old but if the kid for any reason has not been vaccinated at that time it is possible to do immunization which can be carried out till eighteen years old. If vaccination is done in time the immunization to teenagers is carried out from fifteen till seventeen years old together with mumps vaccination.