What Vaccination Against rubella Gives To Adults

If the state has resources and opportunities it is possible to vaccinate against rubella men till forty years old in order to reduce diffusion of a virus and to reduce its population. Such measures could promote safety of children and women and decrease the possibility to catch. But usually the program for immunization extends only on women who need to be vaccinated especially before pregnancy planning.

Adults are vaccinated against rubella at the place of their registration or work at the age of 20-29 years. It is done so because at young age (15-17 years) they were vaccinated with triple vaccine against rubella-parotitis-measles, with acting period of 10 years, so, the immunity developed from such vaccine is capable to protect till 27 years. Just in this age most of women merry and plan to have a child, so taking measures against rubella during this period is quite justified.

To carry out vaccination harmoniously, medics sometimes create special team which is engaged in the notification of people and invites them to pass vaccination, in other cases – special medical teams visit the enterprises where systematically carry out vaccination of all women younger 30 years old which for any reason have not been vaccinated and have not rubella.

The next term for carrying out immunization against rubella arises during the period from 32 to 39 years old. Most often this vaccination is not carried out in mass as women in this age give birth seldom, so the risk of emergence of acquired rubella syndrome is very small.