Why Necessary To Vaccinate One Year Child

WHO recommends to carry out vaccination against rubella to kids since twelve months old when the child becomes active and starts communicating with peers; as a result there is a danger to catch a viral disease.

Rubella is rather slight disease and is transmitted by children well, without any symptoms able to cause threat of life. Having had rubella not all children can receive lifelong immunity; however all of them will receive some immunity for definite period. In practice there are many cases when rubella occurs repeatedly, and this can already make a problem at adulthood for the women bearing the child. Therefore, after the child had the first vaccination at year old, it is repeatedly vaccinated at six years old, and also the immunization is carried out once again before conceiving the child.

Now all children are vaccinated against rubella virus and try to involve into vaccination as many children of various ages as possible. It is done with the purpose to stop emergence of this virus in general. In other words, children need to be vaccinated against rubella in order pregnant women would not be subjected to infection with this virus.

Such strategy of carrying out general vaccination stimulates more responsible attitude of the society to the idea of vaccination because each person in this life faces with a situation when it is necessary to ensure safety of bearing and birth of the child.