Two-component Mixtures For Rubella Treatment

For treatment of rubella two-component herb mixtures are also used in traditional medicine. We will tell about some of them.

• to prepare the first infusion  it is necessary a spoon of sow-foot grass, two spoons of linden flowers  and a tablespoon of any fresh honey fill up with halfliter of the boiling water and to brew within one hour. Then the medicine is put on slow fire till boiling then it isn’t taken away from fire for some more minutes. The broth is cooled and thoroughly filtered; to drink warm two glasses before going to bed.

• The following medicine is prepared from berries of dog rose and blackcurrant, one tablespoon of each ingredient is poured with four hundred grams of beginning to boil water, brew about three quarters of hour, then filter. Infusion is drunk as usual tea throughout the day.

• One more infusion is prepared from berries of dog rose and cowberry (berries of cowberry are capable to take out inflammation of skin; cowberry perfectly brings toxins out of organism that is irreplaceable at rubella). Components are taken in equal quantity (1:1) and everything is done also as in the previous prescription. After infusion is ready it is drunk hot all the day.

• Also the two-component herbal mixture consisting of equal amount of crushed berries of cowberry and a tutsan grass is useful. Herbs are taken in equal proportions (1:1), filled up with the boiling water and left to stew on slow fire for ten minutes. Broth should be thoroughly filtered then half a glass is given to the patient four times a day.