Rubella Treatment With Herbal Preparations

We bring to your attention some prescriptions which will help to facilitate rubella symptoms.

• For preparation of this medicine we take two tablespoons of dog rose berries and on one tablespoon of crushed dandelion roots and dried leaves of nettle. All components are mixed thoroughly and filled up with half liter of boiled water. Infusion is required to be brewed not less than for one day, then it is filterd through some layers of gauze, and then honey is added in any proportion you like. It is better to draw the broth in a thermos; to take two tablespoons three times a day before meals.

• It is possible to treat rubella with raspberry, linden flowers, cowberry and leaflets of sow-foot. a tablespoon of Each herb is taken, carefully mixed with each other, then placed in thermos, pour half liter of boiled water floor. Infusion is brewed for no more than twenty minutes; then it is filtered through gauze and given to the patient hot a half of glass before he goes to bed.

• following herbal preparation is very useful at treatment of rubella; its preparation requires new birch gemmae, beggar-ticks, sage-brush and yarrow; besides clover and roots of dandelion will be necessary. All ingredients are taken in equal portions. Preparation method of broth is the same as in the previous prescription (a spoon of mixture per half liter of boiled water). Broth is recommended to take one third of glass not less than four times a day.