How Rubella Is Treated In Children

Children undergo rubella rather slightly, without severe inflammation of lymph nodes, and therefore, with minimal risk for their health. After end of rubella complications, which can be caused by immunity weakening, are possible. All that can arise after the postponed illness: otitis, arthritis, angina and pneumonia.

To catch rubella is very easy. It is enough just to talk to the patient. If everything coincides (has not been vaccinated, communicated to the diseased), the first symptoms of illness are not far off, they are shown by the rashes of light pink color arising on all body beginning the head, temperature increase and inflammation of lymph nodes.

Children diseased with rubella are treated at home conditions with application of bed rest. Prescription of medicines is occasionally possible, but in case if it is required to facilitate the manifestation of one of the symptoms, however the general treatment is not required. At emergence of complications hospitalization of the patient may be required; however, such cases are extremely occasional.

It is impossible to catch rubella one more time as in a human body during illness the set of antibodies against this virus is developed. Prophylaxes actions against rubella in children are carried out incessantly. So, at the age of twelve-fifteen months old babies are vaccinated with “triplet” (parotitis-rubella-measles), repeatedly vaccination is carried out at six years old. Rather resistant immunity develops after the vaccination; it is shown in fifteen days after the vaccination and remains for about twenty years.