Tea And Warm Bed Can Cure Rubella

There is a category of illnesses which happen seldom and just once for all life, and not the fact that it can occur, therefore when my friend on her face had rashes just one of four doctors could make the right diagnosis and did not doubt that these are rubella symptoms. The history is not ridiculous as the disease is extremely infectious, and to some categories of people is life-threatening, and that the rubella lives in our cities and settlements is an immutable fact.

Rubella everywhere is considered a childhood disease but it is not a secret that adults also may fell ill with it catching generally from the children. Tolerance to rubella is different in people, but sometimes it passes absolutely without any symptoms. Such situation entirely depends on condition of immune system. If immunity is steady the illness passes almost imperceptible, in the mildest form; if it is weak, various serious complications are possible. But if you have already had this disease once, you can say goodbye forever to it. You have the immunity for the rest of your life.

Rubella is not treated with medicines. They can be necessary only for treatment of certain symptoms, such as: rhinitis, temperature, headache, etc. In order the virus left your organism quicker it is required to drink much, two liters of liquid a day, it can be water, compote, green tea, juice, and also it is necessary to have a rest, sleep more, to luxuriate in a warm bed, under a soft blanket.