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How To Vaccinate Against Rubella Correctly

Before vaccinating the child it is necessary to execute certain actions. If the child suffers from any chronic disease, neurologic syndromes and allergy, it should be surveyed completely to be convinced that at this stage full pathologies remission came. Before doing vaccination it is necessary to execute a number of hygienic measures: to wash up, reduce meal quantity, remaining half-starved and to empty intestines. With such preparation the vaccination will not cause any negative reactions.

When vaccination was planned by the adult woman, she first of all has to do the test on presence in her organism of antibodies to the virus as rubella is able to proceed clinically unsuspected and it can even be not noticed. If antibodies are found in blood, the vaccination is not done as the immunity is already available, and it will protect completely the organism from the infection.

In some countries the vaccination to women from eighteen to twenty five years old is done free of charge, but for advanced ages it is paid. Before vaccination it is necessary to reduce as much as possible the number of contacts as people are potential messengers of catarrhal diseases; even having come to vaccination it is better to reserve a place in a queue and to leave to walk on the street. The main danger of vaccination is in opportunity to get viral infection before procedure. After vaccination it is necessary to stay near medical institution for approximately thirty minutes to exclude development of allergic manifestations and to receive medical care opportunely.