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Children Vaccination Against Rubella

Children start being vaccinated against rubella according to vaccination schedule aged from twelve months till one and a half years old. At six years old children are injected one more dose of vaccination – “triple” which is necessary for formation of more resistant immunity against the disease. The complex vaccine containing also viruses of measles and parotitis makes a resistant barrier to these diseases. The measles virus can be destroyed if the child has already formed effective immunity or will allow strengthening protective functions of the organism and making conditions to immunity against this disease. It is possible to call it reinsurance but it is caused by that fact that full-fledged immunity against rubella is able to be created just in 95% of the population.

If there was rubella epidemic flash in one of the regions the vaccination is carried out not only to children from six-month age, but all the rest till 16 years old. The vaccination is sustained by children very well; occasionally there can be a small inspissation in a nyxis place; but rubella symptoms (temperature, rashes, and painfulness of lymph nodes) sometimes can to be manifested but precede almost imperceptible and have mild clinical course. In girls emergence of symptomatic pains in joints and muscles is possible.

The vaccine from rubella is able to protect children from aggression of the infection, and also to reduce the frequency of emergence of the virus among people, especially among the most vulnerable categories including the women who reached childbearing age.