Rubella symptoms

From the first day of illness on the body of the patient the punctual rush starts appearing. Rashes are usually formed on extremities joints area in two-three days rash vanishes completely. At this time a slight increase of temperature is possible, irritation in a throat and lacrimation. The lymph nodes located behind ears on the nape and back part of the neck are enlarged.

The rubella has exceptional cases of complications, for example: in a week after the onset of the illness serous meningitis or encephalitis can develop but such course of events may end quite favorably. Sometimes rubella causes panencephalitis which develops with implication of an ataxia (disturbance of the coordinated muscles movements), cramps and disturbance of consciousness.

If in the first ten weeks the pregnant woman caught rubella, the fetus often perishes or the lesion of eyes (glaucoma, retinopathy, and cataract) is formed with serious anomalies in development, such as deafness, cardiac defects (not closed arterial stream, defects of ventricular septum, etc.). Anomalies in development of the central nervous system such as macro – and a micro cephalic are not excluded, and therefore if the woman caught rubella in the first trimester of pregnancy, doctors suggest it to interrupt pregnancy as they cannot guarantee its correct development. If the infection happened after the sixteenth week the risk to receive congenital malformation becomes less; within this period individual failures in development of the child are met, but sometimes meningoencephalitis can be shown.