Rubella: What Is It?

Rubella is known for a long time, recorded in the history in the sixteenth century, and its manifestations had epidemic character. In the modern world, thanks to general efforts on population vaccination, rubella is not a frequent guest in our cities and settlements; however until now it is actually a severe disease as it is capable to cause malformations in the babies.

Rubella is a virus which parasitizes just in human and is transmitted jut to them; animals do not have this virus. Ways of infection transmission are as at usual respiratory virus, through air, by means of cough, sneezing and conversation. Children can transmit rubella in contact way through toys. The virus is not able to be transmitted through the third party; so if guests visited you who have rubella diseased, you needn’t be afraid of infection as the virus is not able to live in air more than several minutes. Only children who were born with congenital rubella are dangerous to people around, viruses from such child are able to be discharged within about one year.

Human becomes the messenger of the infectious virus without realizing that he is sick one week prior to emergence of rush, and viruses continue to be discharged for about seven more days after the termination of rash.

You shouldn’t be afraid of simple contact to the patient if you met the patient with rubella in the elevator, entrance, together reached the shop. There is no risk of infection in these cases. If rubella is an ancient history for you it shouldn’t frighten you at all as after the illness a steady immunity is developed, in most cases until the end of life.