Preventive Actions At Rubella

Diseased with rubella should be at once isolated from healthy people till their final convalescence, but not less than for five days from the moment of the disease manifestation. Sometimes if in the team or family there is a pregnant women, the term of isolation of the patient is prolonged to about three weeks.

In order the virus of rubella reduced its aggressive action it is possible to influence it very easily airing the room and doing wet cleaning in the patient’s room. Children younger than ten years old who contacted to the patient, and had no rubella yet and have not been vaccinated against it , are forbidden to be sent to the places of big gathering of children, such as sanatoria, rest camps, etc.

In preventive measures a vaccine with the weakened rubella virus is used, or the vaccine comprising three viruses: parotitis, measles and rubella. For prophylaxis of congenital rubella it is accepted to vaccinate girls from twelve to sixteen years old and one more vaccination is done just before the planned pregnancy.

After the vaccination has been carried out it is prohibited to become pregnant within about three months. Women, who are already pregnant, are forbidden to be vaccinated as there is a possibility of a fetus lesion after a vaccine injection. In case the pregnant woman had a contact to the diseased with rubella, the possibility of further carrying of pregnancy is solved only after carrying out serologic research (verification of antibodies to a rubella in blood of the investigated woman). If the existence of antibodies is stable and is not been increased, this contact can be considered not dangerous.