Rubella In Pregnant Women

Rubella is deadly to kids who are born by pregnant women; this diagnosis means most often the interruption of pregnancy or pre-natal death of a fetus.

Rubella can cause malformation of the kid and depending on that on what term mother got sick with this disease children are born with defects of eyes, brain, heart and other deviations in work of internals. It occurs because the virus of rubella is capable to get through placenta to fetus and to infect it, thus lesions can be very strong as the fetus just is under the development at this time.

In case of such lesion fetus can get any severe body malformation can occur or start being formed. Most often the results of pre-natal activity of the virus are:  loss of hearing and sight, hydrocephaly, heart troubles which result in disability of the child or pre-natal death of a fetus. To avoid such destructive activity women with rubella are offered to interrupt pregnancy in the first trimester.

Most often pregnant women catch rubella virus only because they have not been vaccinated according to the planned schedule, and had no rubella in the childhood. As a result, the probability to catch from contact with the sick person increases many times for them. Most often infection occurs via little children who sustain the disease easily and it cannot be found at once, at that, the virus becomes active from the second day of illness to three weeks later.