Rubella-Measles-Parotitis Vaccination

This vaccine containing three components from rubella, measles and parotitis viruses is very highly effective; it gives the chance to reduce quantity of injections from three to one and allows forming immunity to all these illnesses at once.

After the first vaccination from rubella prerequisites for immunity to the virus are formed, but for formation of an absolute immunity not less than two times of vaccination are required. That is why the triple inoculation rubella-parotitis-measles is done twice; it promotes prolongation of action on immunity and intensifying of protection against infectious diseases.

Today the main WHO recommendation is to carry out a vaccine prevention with “triple”. This vaccine is able to cause insignificant negative reactions quantity, the number and expressiveness of which doesn’t become bigger because of multicomponent drug or one-component was injected. Reactions from the vaccine don’t exceed the level which will be able to be manifested at introduction of vaccines separately.

The vaccination against rubella virus can provide immunity against the disease, but its duration for some people is various. Some people the formed immunity has tendency to decrease gradually and may disappear completely approximately in ten years, in others it remains until the end of their life. That is for this reason after vaccination in childhood and teenage, one more immunization is carried out till thirty five years to individuals of both genders who have not have rubella yet.