Vaccine Rubella-Measles-Parotitis Contraindications

These vaccines are grown up with use of chicken embryos and this is the reason of possible allergic reaction though today the reaction to chicken protein is not a contraindication. However if the child has a reaction to other component of the vaccine – Neomycin, it will be possible to vaccinate it just after preliminary skin test. If reactions to chicken protein and antibiotic are insignificant the vaccination is obligatory.

With great attention it is necessary to look attentively at children with thrombocytopenia as thrombocytopenia is often formed after the vaccination, but passes easily; and therefore the advantage of the vaccination surpasses risk of manifestation of thrombocytes depression. However, if thrombocytopenia was manifested after the first vaccination, it is better not to do the second one.

The inoculation vaccination rubella-measles-parotitis is done also to children with HIV if they have no serious changes of immunity. This category of children is subjected to the increased risk to receive complications therefore they need to be vaccinated in advance.

During childbearing it is dangerous to apply any vaccines containing live viruses but the vaccination against rubella wins the first place in this list. However, the statistics shows that check and analysis of data on the pregnant women who have been incidentally vaccinated against rubella did show any fatal changes neither in newborns, nor in tissues of the aborted fetus. In fetus tissues the virus vaccinated with a vaccine was found out; it proved that it is able to get through placenta; however, the vaccination itself is not the reason for pregnancy termination.