Why Rubella Is Dangerous To Fetus

The rubella doesn’t constitute danger to children senior one year old, but to the fetus developing in mother rubella is an angry stepmother. If in mother’s organism there are no antibodies which are able to be formed owing to had illness or done vaccination, there is a danger of its infection at any of gestation duration.

Virus is a big fan of embryo tissues. Having settled there, it breaks the correctness of their development, and the most severe defects develop in the first fourteen weeks from conception. Cases when rubella comes to the end safely both for mother and for the born fetus are very infrequent. Most often placenta and baby are affected with virus that leads to unrecoverable malformations and death of the fetus.

Severity of lesion directly depends on what gestation period the infection affected mother. If infection occurred in the first two months after conception the emergence of severe consequences amounts hundred percent, if at three months – about seventy percent, after the fourth month risk to receive severe malformations decreases to fifteen percent.

The most main malformations which the baby can receive in a womb as a result of rubella virus lesion are: hearing loss, cataract and heart disease. Today the modern science found out some more the striking factors which are resulted from acquired rubella: malformation of face skeleton, liver and spleen structure and also malformation of genitourinary system. Besides, the delay in growth and weight of the kid and mental retardation is possible.