Complications After Rubella Vaccination

Persistent disturbances of health which involve the negative changes breaking quality of life are considered to be complications after vaccination.

Vaccination against rubella almost does not cause complications, but anyway they are sometimes met. After vaccination strong allergic reactions, cramps without temperature increase, brain and lungs inflammation, disorder of motor reflexes, hearing loss, optic nerve inflammation, etc. can be referred to complications. To avoid these negative reactions it is necessary to define before vaccination, whether there are no contraindications against vaccination, because the vaccine against rubella, as well as any other preparation, has certain side effects.

Unconditionally the vaccination against rubella is forbidden to people with primary and secondary immunodeficiency and allergic reactions to neomycin and chicken protein. In case the patient who was subjected to vaccination had serious allergy manifestations to other vaccines, the vaccination against rubella should not be carried out. Besides, the vaccination is postponed temporarily at exacerbation or manifestation of any chronic or allergic disease, and during childbearing and breastfeeding. In this case it is necessary to wait so far the state won’t return to normal; one month for an assessment of remission persistency should be kept.

It is forbidden to do vaccination and at drugs taking suppressing immunity (immunosuppressing) which are applied to treatment of oncological diseases. In this case therapy course is performed, then a semi-annual interval is kept and only then the patient is vaccinated against rubella.