What Happens With Child At Rubella

From the first day of the disease beginning all body of the child becomes covered by rash which is very similar to measles eruption. Rash is represented with pink not grumose macules which gradually merge and the body becomes the entire inflamed pink maculae; at that, catch cold symptoms as at measles in the diseased are not observed  but lymph nodes which are located on the back party of the head and neck inflame; a touch to them  causes a morbid reaction in the child.

The rubella itself doesn’t carry danger to the kid but infrequent complications are very dangerous. In the severest cases the lesion of the central nervous system is possible; meningitis or encephalitis can be shown. The virus carries special danger to a fetus of the pregnant woman as it is able to get through a placenta and do much harm to it directly in mother’s womb. Such penetration may cause malformation of the child or promote his death, therefore women with duration of gestation to sixteen weeks doctors recommend to interrupt the pregnancy.

Rubella clinically doesn’t have any clinical manifestations, the child feels good, activity remains at the former level, only small loss of appetite is possible; complications after such disease usually never happen and the disease doesn’t require any special treatment. In this case everything that the child needs is to take the preparations increasing the immunity.