Vaccine Against Rubella And Application Strategy

Scientists could prove precisely that the virus of rubella is just a human virus; that it is capable to circulate just among people. rubella virus being transmitted from person to person leads the infectious disease, and the patient remains infectious within two weeks after the first symptoms have been manifested. Children, who received a syndrome of the acquired rubella, are a virus source within the whole year after the birth, and pathogenic organisms are persistently discharged with all biological liquids (saliva, urine, feces, etc).

Nowadays the syndrome of congenital rubella is considered to be the most dangerous; and for fight against this phenomenon some strategy of immunization in WHO has been developed.

• The first – only girls’ vaccination against rubella virus from thirteen to fifteen years old and women in childbearing age. It will help to exclude development of a syndrome as this contingent becomes steadier against the virus.

• Two other strategies are intended not just for the termination of congenital rubella syndrome cases but also on the eradication of any circulation of this virus in the age interval of 10-20 years old and 20-30 years old. It will allow to eradicate completely rubella and to remove it from the list of the diseases affecting the person as it already has been done with “black smallpox”.

All three strategies require carrying out active immunization, among various age groups (children from one to 15 years old, adult till 40 years old); such approach will allow destroying the virus completely in ten-twenty years.