Rubella Alternative Treatment

The phototherapy is well suitable for treatment of rubella; we will tell about it in more detail. So, vitamin “C” is very useful to an organism, and its need increases just during illness; therefore it is necessary to enlarge eating berries and vegetables which contain this vitamin. Large amount of vitamin “C” is contained in berries of dog rose, strawberry, blackcurrant and in greens of fennel and onion. One more vitamin “P”, very necessary for recovery, is available in grapes and green tea; therefore it is necessary to activate taking these products.

Vitamin teas from blackcurrant and dog rose (1:1), hips, cowberry and leaves of a nettle (3:1:3) will be very useful and it is necessary to drink such teas not less than three times a day.

At emergence of rash it is necessary to start drinking broth from dog rose, flowers of sow-foot, cornflower, calendula and a chamomile. Besides, at taking a bathtub it is possible to use flowers and leaves of a celandine: for this purpose crushed grass (4 tablespoons) is filled up with six glasses of boiled water and brewed about one hour, then filter.

As a sedative at rubella a valerian decoction, edelweiss and motherwort is used. Broth is drawn by about ten hours and then filtered. Apply as follows: to children from one year to three years old a teaspoon per half liter of liquid; from three to ten years old  one tablespoon; adults drink two tablespoons. Hundred fifty grams of Infusion is taken three times a day before meals adding honey or jam for taste.